I interviewed these homeless guys not far from City Hall in San Francisco, California. Listen as they talk about the challenges they face every day:

Please! Help me in my mission to raise awareness on the problems faced by the homeless everywhere. Make a donation right now!


  1. My name is Truman Alexander and I am making a documentary film called So Suddenly Meaningless. So Suddenly Meaningless focuses on transients, homeless people, and their antithesis, the 1%; the goal of So Suddenly Meaningless is to explore the similarities and differences between these two diverging sides of the social spectrum while exploring the stories and circumstances that brought them to where they are now. By popularizing the question, "What is the meaning of life?", the film illuminates the connections and lack thereof between all individuals and their socioeconomic classes.
    Basically we are traveling around the United States, speaking only with homeless people and people who make over 6 figures. We are capturing each individuals story as to how they ended up where they are today, while asking personal and general questions on their history, happiness, and what brings life meaning.

    We are donating 15% of any and all profits from the film to homeless communities across the country, including a foundation supporting homeless veterans. We are also passing out sandwiches to people who live on the street everyday during production.

    So Suddenly Meaningless attempts to rid labels, classes, social statuses, and human inequality. We are all human, people seem to forget this. We are attempting to bring all humans together and help as many people as we can along the way.

    I came across your website and I though this project might interest you. We have been traveling around California and plan on hitting the rest of the nation later early June. I was hoping you guys might be willing to share my campaign on your site. I am making the film completely independently and I can use all the help people are willing to give.

    You can check out the campaign commercial on, http://igg.me/p/91805?a=537646

    Thank you for your time,

    Truman Alexander

  2. Good luck, Truman. Be sure to let us know how things work out.


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