Albuquerque - December 21, 2012
A homeless man was found dead at an abandoned   Pup N' Taco on Central Avenue. It appears he may have been murdered late Christmas eve or early Christmas morning.

The man had been camped out under the picnic tables against the side of the abandoned restaurant when he was attacked. Police had someone in custody but it was unclear how the person might have been involved and officers made no comments.

These photos were taken at around 7:30 am. 
Christmas Morning, 2012, Albuquerque, NM

Homelessness is a dangerous condition which could easily be remedied in a country such as ours. Why is it that we are able to spend trillions of dollars waging wars on the far side of the planet but we cannot take care of our own people here at home? This story was never reported in the local or national news. If I hadn't been there with my camera that morning looking for homeless people to interview, this story may have never been told. 
Please, help me in my mission to raise awareness on the problems faced by the homeless and to give them a global voice on the internet. 
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