Introducing Kayah Sleight!

I met this young man near City Hall in San Francisco. He is very talented and I am happy to introduce him to you here.

Faces Of The Homeless IV

Another release from the Homeless Action Network.

Meet Jack and Rachel:

Please, do what you can to help out in your own community. This is a problem that will continue to grow unless we do something to prevent it.

Bloodfart Productions Releases Video Using HAN Photography

In collaboration with the band, Lovestained Element, the Homeless Action Network and Bloodfart Productions (I know weird name), has released this new video featuring footage from the Homeless Action Network archives. I am excited to share this news with you. And the video is pretty good, too!

huge book sale

Homeless Interview - San Francisco

Here is another interview.  This guy stands on the corner near my house every day selling Street Sheets. I thought I would ask him for an interview and he was happy to accommodate. Enjoy!