Video Camera Drive.

Since recently moving to the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, I am in such close proximity to extreme poverty and homelessness that it has become difficult to keep a positive attitude. Add to that my own misfortune of getting laid off, and things seem pretty bleak. Nevertheless, when I see so many people everyday even less fortunate than myself, I feel that now it is more important than ever that I continue this project. The apartment I moved into here is much smaller than the one I left in Marin, so I had a lot of things that I really needed to get rid of. It was gratifying to go around my new neighborhood, giving away things I had carried around with me for years. As I went through my stuff, I realized I had several more blankets than I ever used--these were probably among the most appreciated items I gave away. As I got to know the homeless people in this area, I realized that the logical next step is to get a hold of a video camera! I will produce videos of the homeless in this area on a weekly basis! Just one problem...where do I get the video camera? It came to me in a dream last night--some supreme being with a booming voice said "Ask Your Readers!"
So, that is what I am doing. If you have a video camera you can donate to help raise awareness on homelessness, please contact me; or click the Donate Button if you would like to contribute funds:

Thank you for all of your comments and support.

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  1. Hi there, my name is Jamie. I really LOVE looking at your pictures that you have posted on this blog! Especially because it reminds me of a mission trip that I had gone on in San Francisco. It is amazing to see that someone else in this world has & is doing the same thing that I did a couple months ago. I also had seen some familiar faces. The guy in the very last couple pictures looks like someone I met in San Francisco named, Art. Well, all I wanted to do is just drop by to leave this comment :) I am following your blog now and am excited to see if you post any new stuff! My blog is ... .. In case you were wondering. Well, hope to hear from you soon!



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